There is a growing awareness of the need for cultural institutions, organizations, and individuals to be proactive in preparing for a emergency events that might impact their collections or holdings. Alliance for Response NYC strengthens membership preparedness by providing resources for members to effectively assess risks and develop customized emergency plans. 

AFR NYC will also be training a local volunteer Heritage Response Team to be ready and able to assist the cultural community when disaster strikes by providing advice, guiding damage assessments of affected collections, and coordinating salvage efforts. Our team of experts will be accessible through email, social media, texting, a disaster hotline, and on site visits when deemed critical, to afford best practices recommendations. 

Join AFR now. Doing so will allow us to better advise you when a disaster hits your collection, gallery, or studio.

There are four basic phases of emergency management:

Mitigation – preventing emergencies or reducing their effects

Preparedness – developing a plan of action to be carried out if an emergency occurs

Response – mobilizing emergency services and responders when an event occurs

Recovery – returning the affected area to its pre-event state